Dermatologists recommend some simple tips for maintaining smooth, shiny hair.

These include washing oily hair more often, concentrating shampoo on the scalp rather than the entire hair length, and using conditioner only on the tips of the hair.

They also suggest protecting hair when swimming and choosing the right hair products. Of course, a big part of the latter includes taking the right hair vitamins.

That said, let’s talk about the best vitamins for hair growth.

Vitamins A, B, and C

With so many products promising to eliminate sebum, you’d think it’s something terrible. Sebum, whether it’s on your face or your scalp, has an important function: moisturization.

It’s only when sebum production is excessive that leads to problems like oily scalp and pimples. Normal sebum levels, though, are essential to keep hair and skin healthy. Vitamin A helps skin glands make sebum, and if you’re deficient in it, you could experience hair loss.

Another great vitamin for hair loss is biotin, which belongs to the B vitamin family. It’s no wonder why many hair and nail vitamins have it as their star ingredient. As for vitamin C, you may already know that it’s an antioxidant, plus it helps create collagen, which is an essential component of hair.

Other Hair Vitamins: D and E

If you’re looking for the best vitamins for hair growth, don’t forget to check if they contain vitamins D and E.

Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to alopecia, a.k.a. hair loss. Though the exact role of vitamin D in hair growth is unknown, you should still try your best to get enough of it through sun exposure or eating vitamin-D-rich foods.

Meanwhile, vitamin E, an antioxidant like vitamin C, has several roles in hair health. Not only does it help balance oil production, but it also improves scalp circulation. Vitamin E is also the main ingredient of many hair oil products because it helps seal damaged cuticles.

Some Tips for Choosing Hair, Skin, and Nail Vitamins

There’s no shortage of excellent hair supplements, which could make choosing the right one for you even more challenging.

The best way to pick a good product is to check out reviews. For example, you can search online for “Sugar Bear Hair Reviews” if you’re curious about the vitamins recommended by the Kardashians.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should limit yourself to celebrity-endorsed brands like Sugar Bear Hair Vitamins. Try asking your dermatologist if they know of good brands that will probably work for you. You can also check beauty blogs for the latest products that have great reviews.

Let It Grow

Nothing can hold back the growth of your hair as long as you follow dermatologist-approved tips and take the best hair vitamins.

If you still don’t know which brands will work for you, though, there are tons of information online that can help. We can also give you tips and advice that can help boost hair growth. Just browse our site for more hair-related articles.

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