Starting college is an exciting time in one’s life. It is the moment when a person’s studies become more focused and they are given more freedom and independence. There are opportunities to meet new people, try new things, and learn more about what your interests are.

It can also be a little daunting—living away from home for the first time and having to look after yourself more now that mom and dad aren’t around. Have you gone through the above discussion? If yes, then hopefully, you have noticed all the given tips, regarding stain removal. Preparation is the key. Read on for 5 items that you need to include in your college clothing packing list.

1. Raincoat

There are certain types of clothing that you need multiple sets of, such as underwear, socks, and t-shirts. But one good quality raincoat is enough. You’ll soon learn in college, and throughout the rest of your life, that you get what you pay for, so don’t skimp on a raincoat and opt for quality.

It’s a go-to piece of clothing when it’s raining or cold, and it’s one of the most essential items that you will bring to college.

2. Athletic Shoes

Whether you see yourself as an athlete or not, athletic shoes are always useful. If you do like to exercise and stay in shape, you’ll already appreciate the benefits of a good-quality pair of athletic shoes. They are long-lasting and perfect for running laps and kicking a football around campus with friends.

Even if you aren’t the sporty type, they are super comfortable and great for navigating a spread-out campus where you have to rush from one class to another.

3. Campus Hoody

It’s time to represent! Every college will have its logo and its sports teams to cheer on. Every college is rightly proud of its history, and with a campus hoody, you can show your pride, too.

It’s a great time to pick up on the first day of college, and it can be worn while lounging around at your dorm or while studying in class.

4. Formal Wear

For the ladies, this means a nice dress that you can wear on a night out in the town with friends. For the gents, a button-down shirt and jeans should do the trick.

5. Loungewear

Some days are just for lounging around in your room, gossiping with friends, watching movies, and eating too much ice cream. Some casual clothing, something that is warm and comfortable, is perfect here.

When it’s time to clean all of these items of clothing, think about campus laundry solutions.

Your College Clothing Packing List

This is a non-exhaustive college clothing packing list, but each of the items listed should be considered essential. Other important items include essentials like underwear, pants, jackets, and accessories like scarfs and hats. With all of this, you will be ready for a fun and productive term at college.

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