One of the most compelling reasons to consider hosting a corporate event is that it can boost your company culture and increase employee engagement.

However, did you know that not all corporate events are alike? There are tons of different types of corporate events to choose from when planning out your yearly business calendar.

It’s up to you to decide on the best corporate event for your company culture. It’s up to us to tell you more about your options.

Read on for our quick and simple guide to the different types of corporate events we’re seeing today.

Seminars or Conferences

Seminars or multi-day conferences provide a great opportunity to inspire your employees. Hire the best corporate speakers to come in and teach your employees about the latest industry techniques and technologies. Seminars and conferences are great events to encourage growth and innovation at every level.

Trade Shows

Unlike seminars, trade shows have an outward focus. Trade shows allow you to set up your own booth in an industry-specific space and reach out to customers and business partners, alike.

Are you looking for a way to establish yourself as a competitive and authoritative company? Consider participating in a trade show.

Team-Building Corporate Events

Nothing is more inwardly focused than a team-building corporate event. Here, you encourage employees to hone in on team-building skills in fun and creative ways. These activities are designed to translate to future productivity.

You can hold team-building events in the workplace. However, we encourage you to host them elsewhere, where employees can relax and get to know one another in different types of venues.

Board or Shareholder Meetings

Is it time to update your board members or shareholders? This type of corporate event is geared toward specific members of your organization. They also provide an opportunity to increase employee engagement.

No one understands the inner workings and success of your company like your employees. Encourage them to get involved in your communication with the board or shareholders. Looking for more ways to grow your business or start your own startup company?

Executive Retreats

Executive retreats are designed for the highest members of your organization. Popular choices include golf retreats, hiking or skiing retreats, or even wellness retreats. The primary objective of this type of corporate event is to reward your executives for a solid quarter or growth period, although you can also take the time to discuss future business moves and updates.

Which Types of Corporate Events Will Boost Your Company Culture?

Corporate events can seem superfluous to the running of your business. Yet, they come with tons of advantages, ranging from improving company culture to increasing your competitive status. There are many types of corporate events to choose from, so choose the one that aligns best with your current goals.

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