Are you looking for a designated space where you can stash your lawnmower or gardening tools? Whether you’re looking for a small backyard shed or bigger storage space on your property, the options are endless today. You can find a style and size to suit just about any space.

Keep reading to learn about the different types of sheds that exist today!

Consider Shed Materials

When you’re exploring types of sheds, start by learning about the materials. Wood, vinyl, and metal tend to be the most common options in the storage industry. Part of homeownership is figuring out what you need and determining what materials, style, and size can meet that need.

Wood might look rustic and homier, but it will require maintenance. Be aware that wood is prone to rotting if the paint chips off, so you’ll need to weatherproof it and inspect it regularly. Vinyl and metal require less maintenance and provide a durable choice.

Try a Barn Shed for a Classic Look 

A lofted barn shed has a familiar roof pitch that will make you feel like you’re in the country. Go with white trim and bold paint for a quaint style that will look welcoming in your backyard. Better yet, look into portable storage buildings that you can take with you if you move.

French doors can serve as the point of entry to your backyard shed. You can add side doors, too, for multiple points of access to a barn shed.

Go with Metal for Durability

With metal sheds, you may need to deal with rust and limited options from a customization standpoint. On the plus side, you’ll get a material that can tolerate snowy winters and storms. Even if metal doesn’t look as hearty as wood, it can take a beating from the weather.

For a utilitarian shed, metal can’t be beaten. It’s also a more affordable choice for the smart homeowner looking to save money. You can maximize the modern look of metal by opting for a flat roof and a few small windows.

Types of Sheds Include Customized Options

While prefabricated sheds are a handy option, you can get one specified to your needs, too. Know your budget first, however, so you don’t get sidetracked by too many unique options. A smart homeowner won’t overextend their finances!

Look into adding more windows, ornamentation to the trim, or fancier roof materials like wood shingles. Ask about a color scheme that matches that of your home. An outdoor shed that’s a visible part of your property should be congruent with it.

Find the Right Backyard Shed

When it comes to types of sheds, you should figure out your storage and aesthetic requirements. You want enough space that you can grow into, but you also want a shed that works with the environment around it. Investigate the materials that stand up to the elements best and find the perfect shed!

For more tips to keep your property at its best, check back for new and informative articles.