Only 61% percent of people in marketing believe their strategies are working properly. But how do you know if yours are?

If you’re looking to improve your marketing concepts, you’re probably wondering how to reach more people and attract more interest in your products. 

Luckily, this guide has everything you need on the subject. Let’s go through the top marketing concepts you need to know ASAP.

1. The Selling Concept

This concept in marketing maintains that the customer’s needs and desires don’t matter when you’re selling products. It only matters how successfully you brand and market your products. This concept of marketing is aggressive and aims to market customers to the transaction as fast as it possibly can.

So, if you want to incorporate more of the selling concept into your business, you’ll need a marketing agency. Contact the RHC office to help you out.

2. The Production Concept

The basis of the production concept is the idea that companies should make products that cost less money, since customers won’t buy products that cost more. This concept attempts to get a company’s products in as wide a range of different places as possible, so that more people will be able to purchase them.  This conception of marketing also doesn’t consider what products consumers actually need.

3. The Product Concept

As opposed to the production concept, the product concept is based on the thought that customers will prefer new, exciting, and better quality products, rather than those that are cheaper and available all over the place. This concept focuses more on quality rather than quantity, which is what sets it apart from the production concept.

When sticking with the product concept, you’ll have to do lots of research to find out exactly what your customer base is looking for in a product. This may involve market research, surveys, focus groups, and other forms of monitoring your customer’s needs.

4. The Marketing Concept

This concept, like the selling concept, also involves changing the story around the product and company rather than the product or company itself. The marketing concept aims to focus on specific demographics and markets to tailor your strategy to get people interested.

This is a specifically customer-focused marketing concept. The marketing concept focuses on things that would appeal to customers and make them more likely to buy the product

5. The Social Concept

The social or societal concept is the marketing concept that most consider society as a whole. This form of marketing aims to help educate people about choosing products that benefit the health and sustainability of society, rather than just products that meet their needs in the moment.

One marketing concept example of the social concept is companies that give to charity. Another example would be companies that advertise their support for causes, such as the LGBTQ+ community or Black Lives Matter.

Utilize These Marketing Concepts Today

Now that you know about these marketing concepts, it’s time to start using them to your advantage. Decide which concept suits your business today.

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