What will your business do the next time the power goes out?

Power outages are a common cause of business interruptions. That’s why business owners need to understand what causes power outages, to prevent them.

Whether you’ve owned businesses for a long time, or you’re brand new to them, we’ve got some important information for you to keep your doors open.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about power outages.

What Causes Power Outages?

There are many reasons behind your lights going dark. Some common causes include overload in transmission lines, natural disasters, and human error.

Overload in Transmission Lines

There are times when there is simply too much electricity used in a system at one time. Transmission lines may carry an enormous amount of energy, but they have a limit. If you’ve been in your offices when everyone is working from home, or when it’s the day before payday, you know what we’re talking about!  

Natural Disasters

It’s important to note that people can cause power outages, like accidents with trucks carrying power lines. But what about when Mother Nature takes over? Hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes are just a few types of natural disasters that could lead to an outage in your area.   

Human Error

Finally, what causes power outages in your area could be simple human error. For example, an individual who misses a pole while mowing the lawn and cuts a line can create a power outage in their immediate vicinity. If you’ve ever gone back to the house only to realize you left all your lights on when you left for work in the morning, you know what we’re talking about!

How Do Power Outages Affect Your Business?

Whether it’s a single light or an entire building that goes dark, power outages make it difficult for customers to find your business. It can also damage property, shut down the equipment with no backup option, and increase the risk of a data breach.

If you own a business that experiences frequent power outages, consider looking into a commercial generator for your building. A backup generator will kick in before the lights go out and provide enough energy to keep what’s most important up and running until you can get your primary power back on track. This eliminates the potential for what we mentioned above and keeps your business running in more ways than one.

Invest in a Commercial Generator

A commercial generator can provide your business with the backup power it needs when electricity is out. You can use it for office lighting, equipment, and more. Having a commercial generator can help you stay open when the power goes out.  

Investing in a commercial generator will give you peace of mind that what’s most important is what’s up and running when the lights go out. Just be sure to stay on top of generator maintenance — you can find tons of tips at sperrs.com.

Protect Yourself Against Power Outages

Now you should know more about what causes power outages. The best way to prepare for any potential outage is to have a backup commercial generator ready to go.