Although many offices or organisations have gone paperless, office supplies are indispensable. Most often, stationery supplies are overlooked and considered as trivial items at the desk or meeting rooms. Well, you require a pen to sign documents or take notes after a meeting. Additionally, you require a proper drawer to file your paperwork. When you have such supplies, you can do simple tasks faster. So, you must equip yourself with ample quantities of those supplies in your office. There is some must-have stationery to keep in the office.

Read on to know about some of these supplies.

1. Pens:

One of the essential office supplies is a pen. Whether you are a business person or an employee, you must have a pen. Be it a meeting or conference; you have to jot down the crucial points. Also, make sure that you select a suitable pen that will come in handy frequently. You can carry pens with different inks for different situations in the office. For instance, you want to mark an important point on the whiteboard during your presentation. Then, you can utilise a marker pen. When it comes to markers, there are permanent and non-permanent. For any office or organisation, non-permanent is mostly utilised because they are dry erase markers. You can also purchase a stylus pen for your employees, in which one part helps navigate touchscreen devices, and the other is a traditional pen. Rollerballs create a smooth and comfortable writing experience, and they are perfect for writing text with fine and dark lines. But in case you are searching for something simple, you can purchase ballpoint pens. They are a reliable option and best for everyday use.

2. Notebooks and notepads:

If you want to take notes from a meeting or write down your to-do list, you must purchase a notebook. Although there are different types of notebooks available in the market, it is recommended that you buy a spiral-bound or ring pad. When spiral-bound notepads are bound on the top side, it is called short-edge, and when it is bound on the left side, it is called long-edge. To know which suits you best, it entirely depends on how you utilise it. Another advantage of having a spiral-bound pad is that you can easily remove pages without damaging your notebook.

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3. Heavy-duty stapling machine:

Although small staples are used for attaching 2 or 3 papers to each other, a heavy-duty stapling machine is utilised for a large stack of documents. If you have a good heavy duty stapler, you can secure up to 210 pages. Additionally, they are efficient and neat in binding your paperwork without any creases or broken staples. You can opt for a heavy-duty stapling machine since it requires less maintenance and fewer user issues. It can bind leather, fabric and silk, making it versatile.

4. Tiered paper tray:

Desks cluttered with piles of paper and stacks of documents is a common sight in every office. Hence, you must purchase a tiered paper tray. It appears similar to the inbox of your emails and helps organise your paperwork. You can prioritise and pile up different documents like important contracts and your everyday to-do list.

5. Glue tape:

Glue tapes are vital office stationery. Although it has a similar application to the correction tape, this adhesive can make your job easier. You must set the tape head on the surface and glide it through to make it work. It is a hassle-free and convenient method of sticking and taping. Additionally, it can be utilised for labelling and making sticky notes. Hence, you can invest in glue tape.

The items mentioned above are essential for any office. You can also invest in stationery supplies like dairies, planners, pencils and clipboards for your organisation or office. You can purchase them depending on the type of business and requirements.

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