When it comes to choosing a primary research company, what are the factors you would consider? Well, most companies would claim they offer the best of services, and that they have catered to a vast number of companies. However, do you think this is enough to gauge the potential of the company? 

In this article, we won’t talk about the external factors that go into choosing a primary research company. Besides considering the external factors (credibility, years of service, etc.) you should study their offerings and then choose the right firm. 

The primary research company that you select should be able to offer you customized services according to your unique requirements. They should reveal the types of primary research methods they would be used to conduct the research. Any company conducting primary research should include– interviews, social media monitoring, on-site research, mail surveys, observatory shopping, focused group interviews, and computer-aided interviews in their offerings. 

Primary Market Research Categories in detail 

When choosing a primary research company, make sure to understand what exactly they would do to meet your research needs: Here are a few instances of what they should offer:

Expert Interviews

The company should use its network of experts such as economists, regulators, IT specialists, and industry experts to produce informed commentary about trending issues. The results are analyzed and key developments are identified. 

Employee Interviews

If you need primary research related to the company’s operational affairs, the employee interviews help identify employee satisfaction and internal issues that require attention. We also employ questionnaires to obtain primary employee research that can trigger opportunities for changes and innovation.

Focus Groups

The research company should have moderators to facilitate group interviews and focus group discussions. This will help gain insight into topics such as packaging, brand ideas, product attitudes, consumer opinions, etc. 

Mail Surveys

Employing both offline and online mail surveys help cover specific questions and analyze qualitative and quantitative results.

Computer-Assisted Web Interviewing 

Computer-Assisted Web Interviewing includes questionnaires that feature video/audio clips, pictures, and links to different websites. The motive here is to gain quick and cost-effective data collection.

In-Person Telephone Surveys

The primary research company has a panel of professional interviewers who follow a survey script to conduct a large-scale telephone survey and reach a selected audience.

Computer-Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI)

It uses computerized questionnaires that are sent to target audiences to gain a better understanding of their buying persona. 

On-Site Research

This type of research is at a particular site such as trade shows or conventions where in-person interviews and surveys are conducted by directly discussing with an individual or a group of individuals. 

Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring is a method of gathering data about the brand, product, and service by tracking the social media footprint of the target audience. 

Market Observation

In Market observation, the staff visits client and competitor retail shops to assess the internal and external environment. 

This is a brief overview of what a primary research company’s offerings should entail. A company offering the above services would perfectly fit your requirement. If you are looking for a research company that would help you gain an insight into your target market or improve the company’s processes, get in touch with us at TheAnalystAgency, we would be glad to support you with all the requirements that would enable you to fortify your market position.