Alberta is a great province that has multiple cities that are internationally famous, but it’s more than Calgary or Edmonton.  The national parks here are beautiful pieces of nature that anyone would love to visit: here’s why they’re awesome.

Jasper National Park

Jasper is a lovely park that feels like home the moment you arrive.  The cute town at the park’s center has a massive and charming hotel that gives 1950s fun aesthetics. The city is full of fun shops and tasty restaurants offering cuisines ranging from vegan and Indian food to classic Canadian comforts.

While you’re in the park, you can take the glacial walk that lets you step out onto the ice of a glacier or enjoy walking the countless trails and viewing the beautiful wildlife that calls this park home. This is the best park in Alberta, but don’t let your exploring stop here!  There’s a lot more to see in this gorgeous province.

Waterton Lakes National Park

The Waterton Lakes National Park is one that many forget about until they visit it.  Sitting on the border of Montana, Waterton Lakes National Park offers a chance to view the gorgeous river and mountain views you’ll ever see.  There are 195 square miles of beauty, and you’ll want to take in every step of it. 

Although this can be a drive from many of the larger cities of Alberta, it’s worth it to get to enjoy everything the area has to offer.

Banff National Park

Canada’s oldest national park, Banff, is an incredible piece of Canadian history that offers an opportunity to view nature and wildlife like nowhere else.  Whether you want to take in lake views and enjoy hiking in the summer, or you’re a fan of skiing and snowboarding: there’s some way for you to connect to nature and wildlife here.

The winters are icy and seem to stretch on forever, but the amazing activities available year-round make the Banff homes for sale almost too tempting.

Dinosaur Provincial Park

This provincial park offers a chance at taking in the heritage and history of Alberta.  Stretching over 28 square miles, you can enjoy everything from fossils and gorgeous rock formations to the incredible history of those who once lived in this area.

Over 150 full dinosaur skeletons have been unearthed here, ranging over 50 species that give visitors the chance to learn and be in awe.  Although there are still modern excavations, there’s still so much left to discover, maybe while you’re here, you’ll find something incredible.

Chinbrook Island National Park

If you want to take in a gorgeous stretch of land without having to compete for campsites or extended camping: there’s nowhere better than Kinbrook Island National Park.  This park has fun and excitement for everyone while offering low rates to reserve campsites.

Although many grounds close for the winter because of the risks, Kinbrook is one of the rare ones that offer winter camping.  These are at a higher rate, and there’s no running water in the winter to avoid freezing pipes, but this is the best time to take in local sights.