Quartz is an excellent choice for kitchens. Choosing the right kitchen material for countertops is the best decision you can make for your new home. These great benefits of quartz make it easy to see why quartz countertops are a great choice for home planners and homeowners looking to install new countertops.

Quartz is one of the most popular choices for people choosing new kitchen counters. But as with everything in life. So, there are the pros and cons of quartz.

We love quartz for its strength, reliability, durability, and beauty. Typically, they are made from solid crushed quartz and enhanced with resin to ensure maximum durability and produce a smooth surface that feels and looks great for years to come. So, it comes in many colors and is ideal for small and large kitchens.

Quartz may be the right choice for a home, but is it the right choice for you? Before exploring our amazing range of options, check out these quartz pros and cons!

Pros of quartz:Cons of quartz:
1.     It’s strong1.     Heat resistance could be better
2.     Variety of options2.     Not suitable for outdoors
3.     Low maintenance3.     Expensive stone

Pros of quartz countertops:

1. It’s strong:

One of the most obvious advantages of quartz is the strength and durability of the material. This is easily one of the main reasons people choose this material for their new kitchen worktops. So, it is expertly designed to be rock hard, combined with polymer resins that ensure water and other materials never penetrate. So, means you can enjoy a clean, durable surface that’s ideal for all your cooking needs.

2. Variety of options:

Another of the greatest advantages of quartz countertops is their customization. Pro stone countertops have a wide range to choose from, purchasing only from the best suppliers in the world of the highest quality stone. Since it is a natural product. So, you will be able to choose between different colors and styles: it is all-natural and the earth produces all kinds of rocks.

Manufacturers also grind rock in different ways, which means you’ll find darker, dull surfaces, and some lighter and even sparkling in the sun. So, whatever look you are looking for, you will find it.

3. Low maintenance:

Finally, quartz countertops require little maintenance and are very easy to clean. All it takes to clean a quartz countertop is to wipe it with your favorite antibacterial kitchen cleaner and you’re good to go.

It is recommended to close the countertops every year to make sure bacteria never enter the stone, but this is the only maintenance you need. 

Cons of quartz:

1. Heat resistance could be better

If you like being able to place extremely hot pots and pans on kitchen countertops, quartz may not be ideal. What makes quartz so strong and durable is also what prevents them from tolerating heat. So, we are talking about polymer resin.

This is one of the more unfortunate drawbacks of countertops, but it is easily remedied by using glass cutting boards or cutting boards to place hot pots. However, the polymer resin used to seal the quartz has a heat threshold of 150 °, which means it should be fine for reasonably hot pots. So, but not for something that has spent hours in the oven. Put a hot pan on the bottom and you may cause burns that can only be eliminated by closing the quartz.

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2. Not suitable for outdoors:

If you are looking for an outdoor countertop, quartz is not for you. Sunlight softens the color of the stone which would be a shame considering how beautiful these counters are! For this reason. So, you should try to prevent your countertops from getting too much sun in the kitchen, or at least uneven exposure to the sun.

3. Expensive stone:

Remember that quartz is designed. However, it is not the same as granite or marble and because it is designed it can look noticeably smoother than the more expensive options. So, but it does not mean it’s not good.

Is the quartz counter suitable for you?

After checking the pros, cons, and facts of quartz countertops, you can now decide if they are the right option for you. This is one of the most popular options for homeowners looking to renovate their kitchen space for many reasons. So, if you need help making the right choice, the Badger Granite is always happy to help.


Quartz is a versatile rock naturally extracted with veins, while quartz is an engineered stone based on natural resins and pigments that form a beautiful slab. The two are different in terms of looks, durability, design, and price. Quartz countertops material has a natural appearance and depends on the minerals used in the formation. So, most of these come in shades of white and gray, making them the best countertop material.