Backlit trade show displays are one of the best design styles available in the exhibition world at present. Exhibitors can craft amazing aesthetics and personalized displays with LED lights. With advancement, exhibit companies have also developed inventively and new backlight trade show displays are an amazing example of it. If you are a brand and you want make your product stand out from the competition in the upcoming trade show or event, a backlit screen is a must for you. Here are some of the uses of backlit trade show displays:

Attracts attention to your counter

In the present time, the exhibition areas are tightly sealed with several rows of alike-looking booths. In such a chaotic environment, a backlit trade show display completely transforms your space and makes it attractive. You can boost your graphic effect by using white LED lights or enhance the results further by using back-to-back LED displays.


Trade show displays are universal and portable. Hence, they are meant to provide high impact when using in exhibitions, stores, trade shows or anywhere you want. Backlit exhibition displays are a perfect inclusion to your corporate space whenever you have events. It will help to attract the attention of the guests and new customers.


Backlight displays are 100% customizable. So, you can easily use them as per your needs and requirements. You can also adjust their design depending on the event you are attending. There are several variants that you can use to know what suits your trade show requirements. The list of options available are backlight portable counter, towers, modular LED-lit displays, backlight pop-up counters. There are a number of ways you can use the available options to light up and highlight your products in your exhibition booth.

Enhances the experience of your visitors who visit your booth

An efficiently-lit exhibition space will make your products more visible to your guests even on a crowded area and will make sure that the visitors see and read all the required details without straining their eyes. With a well-lit trade show display, you can easily attract the attention to your product display, reading displays or to important messages in the booth. With a perfect backlit exhibition display, you can create a big difference in your visitor’s experience at the exhibition.


Backlight trade show displays are efficiently priced for you and hence you can use them for every tradeshow and event. LED lights are amazingly affordable, and they are the best way to light your counter. The overall expenses will be marginal but the ROI will be exponential. You will be happy to use a backlit trade show display for your booth.

Trade shows and events take a lot of your time, energy and money. You may also be tensed about the tough competition that you will face from your competitors. With an upcoming event, you should definitely add backlit trade show displays to make sure that you get a high number of leads and attention to your booth.