Gaming one of my favorite activities. Hey, readers how are you and I am back. Today’s blog post is for all the gamers out there. The world of gaming has changed the world completely.

After all, it’s the millennials thing and we see them all the time. I am a millennial guy, and I remember my childhood days.

Ahh! It was amazing and nostalgic and I had an old pc. And I used it for just one thing, gaming.

I loved games such as Roadrash, Mortal Kombat, Counter-Strike, and EA Sports games.

Wow!! It just made me crazy as it was a daily regime for me and was glued to it.

Those were the best days of my life. But as years passed I sort of felt disconnected as things changed a lot.

Gaming Industry Changes:-

The internet in the true sense is a new world that is filled with ideas, creativity, and opportunities.

As discussed earlier that we used to play games simply by buying CDs.

But it was not about playing on PCs, even gaming consoles such as Playstations and Xbox made the experience better.

I also had a Playstation 2 and PSP, after all, it hooked me up daily. The reason why we kids were hooked up with these consoles is that:-

  • Price:- Cheaper than PCs.
  • Graphics:- Solid graphics nailed the gaming experience.
  • Faster Processor:- PCs lag while playing games and slowed down.
  • Portable:- Lightweight and can carry it anywhere.
  • Easy Installation:- Consoles give a path for installing more games.

But as they say, things never remain constant and it keeps on changing, and so because of the rise in the internet, gaming has changed.

Also, the technological advancement such as smartphones has changed the way we work. This has created a new industry.

ESports Industry:-

ESports is a type of sport in which players from all over the world participate in tournaments.

Players gather in an arena, and this is where the action is, they go live online and play games.

It could be live-action, cards, puzzles, and many more. This is known as streaming as players join in online and make money through ads and sponsorships.

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Top 10 Free Games Online Websites:-

The world of gaming is huge, and we see it daily. The advancement of the internet and technology has created a wave.

It’s not only about playing games offline but at the same time, it’s about being online.

After all, it matters, online environment helps in:-

  • Enhancing creativity.
  • Networking.
  • Connecting.
  • Money-making device.

Today, we’ll be talking about some free games online websites that provide a huge number of games.

It provides a space for all sorts of gaming experiences and genres such as:-

  • Action.
  • Cards.
  • Classic puzzles.
  • Chess.
  • Sudoku.
  • Sports-based games.

Free Games Websites are fun, after all, it helps in relieving stress, network, enhance creativity, and helps in improving problem-solving abilities, etc.

But it will only happen if the free games website is good, and if it’s bad then it’ll ruin your mood.

So, here are the top 10 free games website:-

247 Games:-

The first free games website on the list is this simple website known as 247 Games. This is a simple website that has some classic games and if you like games such as solitaire, blackjack, chess, sudoku, etc. Then this is for you, after all, it contains a featured list of these games. All games are free and don’t need to create an account. But the sad part is that it contains ads, and there is no multiplayer mode.

Addicting Games:-

My favorite free games website. This platform has over 4500 games in various categories such as Puzzle, Action, Zombie, etc. Addicting Games is one such stop for game lovers, and also has a downloadable option. You can start playing the game quickly, but it has a lot of unskippable ads and lacks instructions for playing.


The list of free games websites would be incomplete without the addition of this website. Kongregate has over 128,000 games including action, adventure, multiplayer, strategy, etc. You have to create an account for Big Fish Games but it’s free. Another feature of this platform is that game developers can upload games and get people attracted to it and also has chat features where gamers can chat. But you have to download apps on mobile for gaming.


This is the first free game website that I used for gaming. Miniclip offers amazing games including action, sports, puzzles, cards, etc. Creating an account is not necessary, and can even play as a guest. This platform is famous for multiplayer games and one-versus-one games. You can find games on the App Store and Play Store. But it takes for games to load as most of them are heavy with graphics and it consumes some time to load. Pops up with a lot of ads.

Just like its name, this free game website is unique. is one such stop that is fun and provides free games online. This gaming website includes games in puzzles, strategy, action, and fighting. It has got flaws such as the free services to force you to download chrome extensions and the play button is tough to find.

Again the list will be incomplete without the addition of this free games website. is a website from Electronic Arts, one of the largest gaming companies in the world. Includes games from board games to card games.


Unique free game website, it stands for Free Online Games. It has some amazing car games and chess games. But also has a list of other games such as defense games, flying games, and multiplayer games. This platform is so user-friendly that you can play games on your phone without any hassle of downloading.

This is one of the rare free game websites on the internet. consists of games that are based on movies such as Jurassic Park, Castlevania. I loved it, as they enhance the gaming experience even better. But most of the games based on movies will take some time to load and also requires you to plug in an NES controller as it doesn’t support a keyboard.


If you are still confused about selecting a free game website then go for Shockwave. This platform is a masterpiece as most of the games require Adobe Flash Player and has a huge list of games such as action-based, strategy, racing, board, and adventure. It runs fewer ads, after all, that makes the gaming better and no account is needed. But most of the games are paid.

Again love this free game website. is one such stop for all the gamers out there. If you are an android game lover and want to play on desktop then you can simply play games based on Android for free. Subway surfer, Temple run is popular games played. No account is required.

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The above list of free game websites is one of the best lists of websites. And you can try any one of the above. If you are a game lover then explore cause it’s crazy.

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