In the past few years, online shopping and field service have grown in popularity. The pandemic has led to an increase in Internet connectivity and low physical interaction.

The days of door-to-door selling by B2C companies or insurance agencies are long gone. Even personal grooming services, which were once available online, are now offered by clients. To improve operations, companies must quickly adapt workforce-management software.

Most companies are now represented by their field executives. You need specialized software, such as employee tracker software, to do everything structurally.

What problems can you face with a team of field executives?

You will likely face multiple challenges when managing a field executive team. The remoteness and the human aspect are the main reasons for this. You may need software to help you solve some of the more complex problems.

Here are some of the issues that you may face if you want to optimize your field executive team’s operations.

Attendance Management

You can expect a lot of trouble if you stick to biometric management. You’re basically asking your executives to make the trip to and from work every morning and night to mark attendance. This is a waste of time and energy. The problem does not end there. The problem extends to leave administration.

Management of Time and Location

Every manager should have a primary concern for managing the time executives spend on the field. Why? It is the way they use their time that determines whether or not your business will be profitable! Due to the remoteness, it is extremely difficult for managers of field force teams to manage time and locational information.

Task Management

How will the tasks be managed by the team when they are remote? Delegating tasks is often difficult for managers because they don’t know when and who will be available. It can also be difficult to explain those tasks on paper, without good communication.

Document Management

Each field executive is responsible for a variety of tasks and documents throughout the day. Executives are required to manage multiple sensitive documents in this catering. Documentation handling is a new challenge for executives in the field. It is important to ensure that no documents are lost or end up in the wrong hands. This can be a cumbersome task.

Multi-platform Coordination

Multiple platforms can make it difficult to coordinate on the ground without dedicated software. It is time-consuming and exhausting for field executives to switch between apps to transfer information.

Productivity Management

How can you tell who’s performing well when your whole team is out on the field? It is easy to trick the system into thinking that someone is doing their work diligently when they are actually procrastinating. This executive behavior will cost your organization a great deal!

What features in Field Employee Management software Help?

You should be prepared for any issues that may arise when dealing with a team of field service technicians. You can create procedures that are tailored to your team’s specific efficiency model. Field force management software can help you solve all of your problems.

Continuous Tracking

Consensual employee tracking can be a great tool to manage a group of executives on the field. To know what executives are doing, managers only need to look at the dots on the dashboard of the field force software.

Managers can give their clients exact ETAs with real-time tracking. Knowing where each executive is also helps streamline the operational process.

Brilliant Attendance

Software for field force management can analyze the performance of executives in the field before assigning tasks. They can then create foolproof attendance management models such as geofence assisted and geocoded images-based logging. Managers can be sure that the software will accurately record attendance.

Task Dashboard

The purpose of any employee tracking software should be to simplify task assignment. The software allows managers, executives or both to create and modify tasks directly from the application. The task visualization can be as detailed as needed.

In-built chatboxes

Chatboxes are built into many workforce management programs. These virtual communication spaces allow managers to communicate with their executives from a single location. These discussions can be grouped and reported. This eliminates the need to switch between several applications in order to perform a basic task.

Custom Forms

The best software for field force management offers a unique arrangement: custom forms. This feature allows supervisors to share custom-made forms for different clients and tasks. Workers can collect data in this way without needing to draw new forms every time.

Accurate Performance Reports

When all data on area, time and tasks are kept together, analysis of information becomes much easier. The software creates detailed task and executive reports using AI and simple measurable tools. These reports allow managers to see how effective their executive team and team members are.

Software-generated reports allow supervisors to see the efficiency of their staff on a variety of grounds, such as customer satisfaction or number completed tasks. By using factual information, they can create outlines and guidelines to improve performance.

Improve your field operations with TrackoField

It is difficult to maintain a team. It is especially true because the team is located in a remote area. You will need software to help you manage tasks, attendence, productivity, documents, and customer relations.