Each era in human culture is defined and shaped by its technologies. The clear defining technology of our generation is the internet.

However, in recent years, the internet has extended beyond our computer and phone screens. The internet of things (or IoT) refers to the internet products that we are now able to keep with us in the physical world. A great example of IoT products are those found in a smart home.

The IoT (internet of things) is not anymore a concept. It has turned into a reality. The shift towards automation in the supply chains all across the globe is concentrating on two distinct areas – accuracy and speed.

Currently, there are billions of IoT products in the world.

But what is the future of IoT? What are the most important IoT predictions? This article will walk you through everything you need to know about this emerging technology.

1. Smart Cities

Many people are familiar with Alexa, and the concept of a smart thermostat. However, one of the key ideas in the next few decades is going to be making use of IoT capabilities in building smarter cities.

Smart cities will be able to make use of AI (one of the key technologies in IoT as is), to create better living spaces for citizens.

A great example of a smart city IoT technology is smart traffic lights. Smart traffic lights are able to gauge when certain cars need to be let through, hence reducing traffic times.

Navigation alerts will soon be able to let people know what their optimal route is, telling people when to divert from their normal route, take the bus, or just walk.

2. Smart Lighting

One of the most beneficial uses of the internet of things could be one of the simplest. Smart lighting fixtures can sense the presence of people, and turn off the lights in case the owners of a house forget.

This might seem insignificant but can save a good amount of money on your electric bill, and a good amount of electricity for the world.

3. Security

Smart homes aren’t all about temperature and lighting control. With a house that understands how to learn and grow, there are new vistas of security opening up for people who care about safety.

People are already fond of the ring app, which lets people know whenever there’s someone or something at their door. In the future, your home might be able to simply tell when someone is in your garden, and might even be able to get you video footage.

Speaking of security, many people are concerned with cybersecurity issues when it comes to the internet of things. If this is something you’re concerned about, check out this guide to IOT security issues.

Understand the Future of IoT

If you care about the direction that our world is heading in, you should care about the future of IoT. The internet of things is the final step that will eliminate the difference between “online and “real life”. Are you ready to digitize your world?

Smart homes are equipped with special types of lighting & heating systems and electronic devices that you can control remotely from a smart device. In this age of digitalization, Internet of Things (IoT) has played a crucial role in boosting home automation.

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