It doesn’t have to be challenging to choose the right tile for your floor. To find what works for you, consider the installation area and then follow this step-by-step guide. Buying from an online tile shop can be slow if you overlook a few essential details. It has always been difficult to buy online, especially for products that require extensive research before purchase, such as tiles.

Among the common mistakes, homeowners make when renovating their homes involves TILE. Be it floor tiles, kitchen tiles, wall tiles, etc. The owner of a house that has been renovated would not use the same tiles in every room. They want the rooms to look and feel different. The size and style of the tile can be selected according to your budget and the look you want for your space.

1.     Make a list of materials

2.     Determine the location

3.     Measure your space

4.     Search the online floor tile store

5.     Read the reviews, but don’t trust them

6.     Guarantees and return policies

7.     Shipping

8.     Installation

9.     Online payment

10.   Order samples

Search the online floor tile store

1. Make a list of materials:

The material of a tile determines its appearance, feel, and level of durability. See four favorites.


Extra strong, waterproof, ideal for high traffic areas and wet rooms and basements, can be designed to look like natural wood or stone.


Durable, water-resistant, ideal for high-traffic areas and bathrooms.

Natural stone:

Resistant, ideal for heavy traffic, has a simple and unique design. High-quality marble and granite can increase the home’s value.


Waterproof, ideal for backsplashes, translucent, can light up a room.

2. Determine the location:

Some tiles are specially designed for walls, floors, or exteriors – here’s what you need to know.

For the floor:

Designed to be thick and robust, the floor tiles can withstand more weight.

For the wall:

Tiles are lighter, thinner, and often smaller than durable flooring options.

For outdoors:

Tiles can easily resist heat, frost, and direct sunlight.

3. Measure your space:

Find the square footage of the area to determine the number of tiles you will need:

Find the length and width: For floor tiles, measure along two adjacent walls for the height and width of the room. For coatings, measure both vertically and horizontally.

Find Area in Square Feet:

Multiply the width by width to determine the area in square feet.

Calculate the necessary cards:

Use the calculator on-site and enter the square footage of the boxes of cards required.

Excess Account:

For installation options and future replacements, add 10%.

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4. Search the online tile stores:

At, we have a wide range of high-quality tiles that will provide you with the service you desire. Many tile shops have online stores where you can place orders. Some of them, like us, can order a sample. This allows the customer to try on the tile at home and see if the size and design match the idea.

5. Read the reviews, but don’t trust them:

Most online tile stores have a review section. See what customers have to say about the products in the online store. Look for trends and models; perhaps some customers constantly praise one group of cards and write bad reviews on another. But be careful. Not all reviewers are actual clients. Some are competitors; others may be employees of the online store. But in the end, read them; not everyone is genuinely original, or not everyone is fake.

6. Guarantees and return policies:

The chances of something wrong with your order are slim, but they can’t be ruled out. Sometimes there may be a different size or possibly damaged tile, so a customer would like to return that tile and expect a replacement.

Go to FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and look for guarantees and return policies. These things could become vital for you.

7. Shipping:

Shipping can play a crucial role when ordering tiles, from time of shipment to price. Many companies have internal distributors, but some have to find external distributors, complicating the resulting in higher prices and less efficient deliveries.

8. Installation:

Installation can be a tricky problem. Some companies will offer to provide the installation service themselves. Others have contracts with other installation companies, which in most cases are optional.

If customers decide to install the tiles themselves, they should carefully follow the tiles’ instructions. Otherwise, they may not adhere well and fall off over time.

9. Online payment:

PayPal may be the most intuitive payment method, but not all companies support it. Make sure you are making payments in a secure payment environment and that you are comfortable doing so. If something doesn’t work, contact the company and discuss other payment methods. Do you ask to pay for delivery?

However, online payments have become a daily thing nowadays, and it can be safer than taking a wallet to a store.

10. Order samples:

The images may not always represent the actual product. Colour may vary from your computer screen or business camera. Due to such deviations, many companies offer the customer to order a sample. Ensure you always deal with companies that provide models, even if you don’t need to order one. If companies accept that you can touch a physical copy of their products, the chances that their products are of high quality are high.

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If you’re looking for a new floor, there’s a good chance you know about and are considering tiles. To learn how to find tiles you love, you may have a few questions. Make sure you are buying tiles in the right place. Carefully search all things about the store, read reviews and then make a final decision. We hope these tips will make your next purchase from online tile stores more accessible and better.